Training for Badass Texas? Put these rowdy songs on your playlist By Brentney Hamilton Texas contains multitudes. All within one big, beautiful package, you’ll find desert sands, sky-high pine trees, ocean shores, mountains and more. But, wherever you roam from skyscraper to dancehall between Amarillo and Brownsville or El Paso and Nacogdoches, there’s one element

Getting to Boston

By Kimberly Richards If you were to ask me 4 years ago if I thought I would ever run the Boston Marathon, I would have said there is no way and then I would have laughed. At that point, I had already run 9 marathons, with the most recent being Chicago Marathon in 2015 with
By Matthew Kingore It was a muggy summer night about four years ago. The five of us meet at a friend’s house a mile from the nearest high school track and warmed up with a quick jog through the neighborhood. The plan was to take the first week easy running straights and curves. Because we
We are excited to announce that Dallas’ own, Tiffany Houghton will be singing the National Anthem at this year’s Dash Down Greenville 5K! More About Tiffany Born and raised in Dallas, TX with a childhood background in Broadway, Tiffany Houghton is an American Pop singer/songwriter. She’s toured with and opened for bands such as One
By Matthew Kingore I ran my first Dash Down Greenville in 2012. It’s a year fans of the Greenville Avenue parade that follows the 5K run may remember. After 30 years, the annual St Patrick’s Day celebration that brings out more than 100,000 people to line the two-mile parade route was in jeopardy. The event

Why Volunteer?

Volunteers don’t make the world go ’round, but they supply the elbow grease to make the world go ’round better. Volunteers are the backbone for many events and charities.  Without Volunteers some organizations would not survive. Non-Profits rely on funds to serve the needs of their community for their organization.  Whether it be a food
As I approached the Lake House I couldn’t help but notice the great big weathered big blue doors, as I opened them John was waiting at the bar. It’s a nice open area with fun lake house white rock paraphernalia hanging on the walls. The neighborhood’s favorite lake house isn’t on a lake! We introduced
By Matthew Kingore “He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath no beard is less than a man.” William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing Rob Krar twice won the Western States Endurance Run 100 Miler, was named ultramarathoner of the year in 2014 and 2015, and named one of “The

Social Running

By Zane Thrift Running. It’s one of the most beneficial independent sports that there is, and not just for your health, but for your social life too. There are plenty of people that simply dread running, and they look around at their friends or family and wonder how they manage to enjoy it. One of
A long time ago I was running around White Rock Lake at 5:30am, enjoying the solitude, the moon that was still giving me some light to run on and the cool brisk morning was making the run so amazing. I was half way into my run and out of nowhere a police officer came right


Monoculture is a Dallas psych/jazz-fusion four-piece. What once started as aimless jams between founders and longtime friends Olan Mijana and Nick Leibold became something with a little more purpose when the two completed a four-track demo while living 300 miles apart. This demo was the catalyst to the two’s completion of Monoculture’s full-length, debut album
By Matthew Kingore Running isn’t all about time on your feet. Runners need rest too. Why not put your feet up and enjoy one of these books that will inspire your progress? Like your favorite 5K or marathon, you’ll want to return to these titles again and again. Running Tough, by Michael Sandrock This is

SPCA of Texas

NEW Dash Down Greenville Charity Partner Announcement Teaming up to help our local SPCA of Texas, Run Project is proud to announce our strategic partnership for the St. Paddy’s Dash Down Greenville 5K. 2019 will mark a new relationship with the SPCA of Texas, the leading animal welfare agency in North Texas and serves as
The Run Project and Genesis Women’s Shelter are excited to announce that we are joining forces on this year’s Too Cold To Hold 5K/10K/Half. The Genesis Women’s Shelter will be the highlighted charity partner. In doing so they provide the backbone of volunteers for Too Cold to Hold 5K/10K/Half Marathon. The money raised through this
Written by Kyle Burnett Carbo-loading!  Two words that just about every runner not just relates to, but uses as a part of their training to prepare storing energy for long runs, race day, and  (in some cases) every day in between. I’ll be honest. I LOVE carbs. Growing up as a high school/ collegiate runner
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