By: Sohail Basirat

Hi everyone, this is Sohail, owner of I Love Juice Bar. One of the most common questions we get asked at our Lakewood store is, “Can you explain the difference between your juice and smoothies?”.

So let’s dive right in and solve this long standing dispute on which one is better for us. Beginning with our juices, they are going to be much thinner in consistency due to the pulp being separated from the juice. One of the benefits of drinking fresh juices, is that the nutrients absorb quickly and easily. If you are craving a snack and want to satisfy that hunger quickly, a cup of juice is going to do that job quickly. In a single @juicebarlakewood cup of green juice, we serve up to 6-8 cups of kale and spinach! Juicing is a great way to get nutrients from those veggies and fruits you have been avoiding, for me personally beets would be on that list.

Now let’s move on to our popular smoothies. Our smoothies include the whole fruits and vegetables, which are blended into a smooth, thick and filling consistency. A smoothie is going to much thicker than a juice, due the fact that it contains all of the fiber. Drinking a smoothie is like “outsourcing” the chewing process to a machine. My favorite part is that blending allows for a range of options; it’s a great way to include nuts or seeds, super-foods, protein powders, along with a liquid base and a couple of fruits for a light snack or healthy meal replacement. Almost all our smoothies have at least one super-foods that will boost your diet.

Now that you guys are smoothie and juice experts, I hope to see you in one of our locations soon. The last thing that I would like to add, we never use any ice, added sweeteners, syrups or preservatives in any of our juice, smoothies or bowls. We are company that values integrity both in our products and way of doing business.

See you all at the Too Hot To Handle race and make sure to stop by our tent for some samples and a FREE smoothie card. Please continue to support the local businesses you love!

Peace and love,

Sohail Basirat

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