Perks and Requirements

In Need: DFW Running individuals
Do you love running?  Do you love Run Project?  Do you share your Run Project running experiences to any and everyone that you can?  If the answers are yes, then you should apply to be a Run Project Ambassador and make it your official duty to spread the Run Project love to the DFW community. 

As a Run Project Ambassador you are tasked with the following mission:
I, as a Run Project Ambassador, pledge to introduce and engage those who have not yet participated in a Run Project event. To encourage those who have run Run Project races to sign up for another race.  To help friends, acquaintances and strangers understand, prepare and finish Run Project Races.  And to lead by my own example, by participating in Run Project events, and assisting the Run Project team in making the events the most memorable DFW has to offer.  

If this sounds like a pretty sweet offer, then you are in the right place, and we want you to join our team.  We offer some pretty cool perks, and you are probably already fulfilling most of the requirements.  Let’s get down to business!


  • Run for FREE! Entry into 3 Run Project Races (Too Cold To Hold included)
  • Earn 7 referrals = get free race comp
  • ALL the Swag, oftentimes hot off the press! (Min $200 value estimated on 2024 swag) 
  • Increase your Social Media influence 
  • A unique Run Project race discount code to share with friends, families, and strangers!


  • Attendance
    • Attend (run and/or volunteer) a minimum of 5 Run Project events. Too Cold to Hold (1.27.24) mandatory attendance.
    • Coordinate attendance in advance with Run Project Lead
  • Marketing/Influence Expectations
    • Min. 1 post or reel per race (9 posts/year)
    • Run Project Ambassadors are the face of our organization in the community year-round.  
    • Talk us up!  Spread the word about Run Project in a positive way, on Social Media, at Run Project events, and in the community.
    • Wear your Run Project gear when doing social/solo runs and other races not sponsored by Run Project.
    • Provide credible, trustworthy, and positive posts on social media. 
    • Follow up finisher posts and “like” Run Project albums and finisher stories.
    • Share discount codes with your friends, family, running groups and even strangers. The more the merrier!.
  • Communication
    • Commit to prompt, clear and consistent communication with Ambassador Team members and Run Project staff via text, email, calls and face to face.
    • Attend and participate in two meetings a year. Meetings will be scheduled in advance. 
  • Race Day Run Project Tent :
    • Arrive EARLY at packet pickup opening to volunteer at races OR volunteer at Run Project retail tent to help setup/sell.
    • Help with set up or breakdown (breakdown = after the final runner crosses the finish line) 
    • Recap experience on Post-race survey

Ambassador Rewards Program: 

  • 7 cumulative referrals codes used per race = free comp code for you or a friend
    • This may be used as a 2024 social media giveaway if needed.

Application Deadline – 12.8.23