By: Tanna Wood, Run Project Director

Sometimes it is hard to express how grateful we are in just words. Thank You doesn’t feel like enough and yet it says it all.

I wanted to personally thank every person that had a role in our success for 2022. Every runner, volunteer, family member, friend, sponsor, contractor, charity, city, staff member, ambassador, etc.. 

“It takes a village”=TRUTH!  We wouldn’t be here without the entire village.

Some of you may not realize why we really do what we do. Yes, we love putting on races and being a part of the running community. 

Our true passion is creating great spaces for all of us to realize our dreams and desires. 

Creating something that can give someone the opportunity to be with other like minded people, giving support and encouragement, creating safe places to be yourself, making new friends, giving you the opportunity to reach for new goals, creating a fun space,  sharing passions & sharing kindness is more important to us than you know.  We are just so grateful we get to do it with you!

We are proud of you!

Your willingness to show up speaks volumes about you and spreads so much great energy into the space. You have no idea the impact you have on us!

We look forward to seeing you in 2023!

Happy Holidays

Tanna & The Run Project Team