The SPCA of Texas has an 81-year history of providing excellent animal welfare services in the North Texas area. Our operational/core values resonate throughout the programs and services and include: respect, client focus, honesty, integrity, commitment to animals, and teamwork. As the largest non-profit animal welfare organization in North Texas, the SPCA of Texas helps thousands of pets each year.

We offer a number of programs, all of which are focused on saving animals’ lives:

· Three clinics provide low-cost spaying, neutering, vaccinations, and preventive health care.

· Southern Dallas Initiative provides free spay/neuter surgeries and vaccinations in southern Dallas.

· Pet Resource Center is for pets who are at-risk of being surrendered and provides medical, behavior, and situational boarding to keep pets with their owners.

· Animal Cruelty Investigations collaborates with law enforcement to investigate reports of cruelty and neglect, and prosecutes offenders to the fullest extent of the law.

· Animal Rescue Center provides shelter and care to animals rescued by animal cruelty investigators.

· Rehabilitation, Foster & Behavior Program provides medical, behavioral, and foster care to animals brought in through seizure, transfer, or owner-surrender.

· Adoptions Program matches potential adopters to animals that are ready for adoption.

In 2018, we took in 9,073 animals and adopted out 7,461.

Thanks to the Run Project’s generosity, we are able to provide the programs and services that serve our mission: providing every animal exceptional care and a loving home.

Thanks for your love of animals!