By Bree Redwine

Pint Striders is a community of runners that meet every Thursday Night at 6:30pm at the British Beverage Company in the Uptown area in Dallas. Pint Striders as a group walk down to The Katy Trail, run the beautiful trail and then bounce back to the pub for dinner and drinks. Pint Striders has all paces from 4-13 minutes, we run anywhere from 4-5 miles. However some walk, some come to socialize, some maybe injured and can’t run but they come anyway, some maybe training and run only 2 miles, it’s truly an esprit-de-corp social run.

Pint Striders started in 2013. I took on the Pint Striders Social Run group in 2014 (which was a small group) that liked to have a beer after a run-YES. I was scared to death taking this on, thinking I’m going to fail and this won’t take. The running community didn’t have anything like this so we were charting on unfamiliar waters. Least did we know that the community at hand was wanting a Social Run Group that loves to have a beer at the end!

It started to really take off when we started an Instagram & Facebook page and the heart, soul and spirit of this group was out there. Pint Striders are like-minded people with a passion for road & trail running, local brews, friendships, traveling, running local races, giving back to the community that we love so much. We travel together, we have monthly cook-outs in the spring and summer time, track Tuesday’s are a thing we like (if you want to improve tour training), spend holidays and celebrate birthdays as a group.

The thing is you come and run, have dinner and drinks with a great DJ after run fun with amazing raffles after every single Thursday Night. – Let’s STOP Right HERE! Say you’re nervous about coming out by yourself? DON’T! We have all been there, we definitely have open arms and an open pint for you! OK, back to it…You become friends and before you know it, it’s been 1, 2, 3, + 7 years now and you see that these people are your lifelong friends and for this to happen is special and unique.

Fun facts About The Pint Striders:

We have been in running magazines and newspapers for the bonds we form, the friendships that happen, issues we have overcome through the support and comradery of the group, the marriages that have taken place (meaning they met at Pint Striders) and with 3 little people that will be a Pint Strider (one day). Pint Striders have won the Dallas BMW Marathon Relay Team in 2018 and 2019 2 Years in a Row! We also have an annual Beer Mile that happens in the spring time. Pint Striders has an Annual Team Trip and we also have a brewery out every Thursday Night that brings out swag. We also promote local and national causes every month, this is extremely important to us to help the community in any way we can!

In Closing, The Pint Striders encompasses the most amazing people I have ever met. They have: character, sincerity, trueness, and a zest for life, loyalty, hardworking and are disciplined too, they’re caring, sweet and fun-loving. Let’s just say this, come run with us and see for yourself!

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