By: Bree Redwine

Combine all in a large stew pot

  • 1 Can of no salt black eyed peas
  • 5 Large carrots diced up
  • 5 Large stalks of celery sliced up
  • 5 small red potatoes cut up in quarters
  • 5 small purple potatoes cut up in quarters  
  • 1 bag of morning star crumblers
  • Half of small head of cabbage shredded into medium size shreds
  • Half of white onion diced
  • Dash of cumin
  • 5 garlic cloves diced in small pieces
  • Fresh ground pepper and pink Himalayan salt to your liking
  • 2 tablespoons of chopped celery stalk leaves
  • Dash of cayenne pepper (if you like it spicey)
  • 62oz of vegan low sodium vegetable broth
  • optional – add 1 lb of browned lean ground beef

Heat and let simmer for 45 minutes serve in a soup bowl with jalapeno cornbread with real corn in the bread (please)

Drink: prosecco

Desert: fresh blueberries

Cheers to 2021!