DKMS US is part of the world’s largest bone marrow and blood stem cell donor center. With over 9 million active registered donors globally and a presence in six countries, every day DKMS is facilitating 21 bone marrow transplants to provide second chances to patients with blood cancer like leukemia and lymphoma and blood disorders like sickle cell disease and aplastic anemia.

In the United States, every three minutes, someone is diagnosed with a blood cancer. For many patients, , the only way to beat the disease is to have a bone marrow or blood stem cell transplant, and their search for a matching donor begins. Only 30 percent of patients  find a compatible bone marrow donor in their family, the remaining 70% must rely on a stranger stepping up to be a lifesaving donor.

DKMS is on a mission to recruit as many bone marrow donors as possible to provide second chances at life for those fighting blood cancer and blood disorders. They do this by creating awareness, recruiting bone marrow donors to provide a second chance at life, raising funds to  cover donor registration costs, and supporting the improvement of blood cancer therapies by research.

DKMS supports patients from day one of their diagnoses, providing family and friends  a positive way to get involved by organizing donor drives that can enhance the patient’s search, rally community support, and provide hope.

Every year 15,000 new searches are initiated for patients who need bone marrow or stem cell transplants from a perfect stranger. They depend on the national bone marrow donor pool to find a donor. Most times, the patient’s perfect matching donor isn’t registered to the donor pool, as a result these patients have few treatment options.  That said, DKMS is working towards not only adding more people to the donor pool but working to diversify the pool so that ALL patients have an opportunity to find their hero.

Over 80,000 DKMS bone marrow donors are registered in the state of Texas and are on standby to help patients in need. Texans have helped 320 patients get a second chance at life through bone marrow donation. Donors like Cody Strull  saved the life of a man who had an aggressive form of leukemia. He recently met and bonded with his recipient in Dallas.

Thanks to the Run Project’s donations, we are able to provide more patients with second chances. Here’s how you too can get involved in our mission to save lives.

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