What is Run Project?

The Run Project is the new series name for the Racing Systems family of races. Our goal is to provide an exceptional experience for runners right here in our local community and to give back to organizations in the Dallas area. Run Local. Give Local. Some of these events have been around for over 21 years. Others are new and growing, but they collectively represent some of the best running events in the DFW area.


How do I register?

All registration is done either online, during packet pickup or race day at the Run Project booth. Each race webpage on this site also provides a link to our registration site.

What is your COVID-19 Protocol?

Please see official Run Project Protocol document for details.


When will online registration close?

You can find the deadline for online registration on each race page. Historically, our races often sell out. When this happens and registration closes early, we’ll post that information on this website.


Can I register on the day of the event?

Yes, see specific event pages for race day registration information, but remember our races often sell out. When this happens, there will be no race day registration. We’ll post that information on this website.


I’d like to improve my training? Got any suggestions?

Yes, you can get advice from the folks at OrangeTheory and from runner and coach Bob Wallace right here on our website.


Can I refund or transfer my race registration(s)?

Not unless you have purchased race insurance. Due to the way supplies are ordered and data is managed, transfers and refunds are not allowed. Be sure to research each event and don’t hesitate to EMAIL us before registering if you have any questions!


How do I receive updates about the upcoming races I am registered for?

This website will give you the latest information. We also invite you to connect with us on Facebook or Twitter. We will also be sending you emails to keep you up to date.


Is there an age minimum?

No, all ages are welcome to participate.


How can I volunteer?

Simply email runprojectvolunteer@gmail.com with your interest.


Do you allow strollers?

Due to safety reasons, we do not allow strollers.


Do you allow animals at any of the races?

We LOVE our furry friends… but our insurance and permit restrictions do not allow animals at races unless it is a service animal, which must remain on a leash or in a harness at all times.


Where do I pickup my swag? What do I need?

You will pick up your swag item at your requested packet pick-up location. If the swag items are part of a bundle of races, we’ll notify you by email to let you know when the items are available for pickup. Please bring a copy of your confirmation upon completing the online registration.


Can I exchange my swag for another size?

Yes, while supplies last.


What is race insurance?

If for any reason you are unable to pick up your race materials and attend the race, this insurance will allow you to enter another like-distance event within the year. This insurance does not give you a refund. You will need to contact us at race.director@wetimeraces.com to request an entry change. Please submit your verification of insurance purchased and identify which event you would like your transfer to be applied to. This must be done prior to or within two weeks of the original missed event. Race Insurance must be purchased at time of registration.

Cost: $7.00


What is a the Run Project Series Pass and Half Marathon Series?

The Run Project Series Pass is an entry to all 10 Run Project events. You will be automatically be entered into comparable or shorter distances. For example, the 10K Series Pass would include entry to all races that have a 10k and a shorter distance at races where 10k is not offered. Your Series Pass starts at the race you register for, then continues for the following 12 months. For example, if you registered for the Series Pass at Too Cold to Hold in 2018, you would automatically be enrolled in Hotcake Hustle in 2019. See the table below for pricing.


How Long is a 5K?

A 5K is 3.1 miles.


How Long is a 10K?

A 10K is 6.2 miles.


How Long is a Half Marathon?

A Half Marathon is 13.1 miles.



What is a virtual run? 

A virtual run is a run you complete anytime, anywhere you choose! 


How does a virtual run work?

  1. Sign up for your race at www.runproject.com
  2. Run or walk the distance you chose anywhere you choose! 
  3. Submit your times. 
  4. Print out your finisher certificate. 
  5. Share your favorite Run Project moments from your run on social media. Use hashtags #runproject, #runprojectvirtual

When Can I Run/ Walk For The Virtual Run?

Run it, Walk it, or Jog it anytime and anywhere you want! 


How do I track my miles?

You can track your miles by using your favorite running app such as; Strava, Nike, Garmin Connect, Runkeeper, or Map My Run or any other app you like using. 


Can I change my distance?

Yes you can! You can do it itself on your Race Roster dashboard or you can email us at race.director@wetimeraces.com.


How do I submit my miles once the race is completed?

You can submit your time at www.runproject.com on the particular 

We run on the “honor system” and therefore screenshots are not required! If you want, we invite you to share  a screenshot of your running app, take a photo of your miles on the treadmill, or share your beautiful smile with your new race swag on social media!   You can also email us at race.director@wetimeraces.com  with your story if posting pictures is not your thing. We will be happy to post them!


When will I receive my virtual swag kit?

We begin shipping usually 2 weeks after your initial sign up. 


Can I exchange the race shirt I received for another size?

We ask that you carefully select your size and refer to our size chart when you order because we do not accept exchanges on the virtual race series packets.


Can I still participate once the race has ended?

ABSOLUTELY!  You can purchase your entry and participate to receive your swag kit as long as the event hasn’t sold out.  That is the GREAT thing about Virtual Runs.


Who can participate in your events?

We at Run Project want EVERYONE to get up, get moving, and participate in virtual races!.  All fitness levels and ages are welcome to join us. We are here to help keep you motivated to MOVE!


Can I still buy a medal or shirt without participating?

Yes, you can still buy a medal and the shirt without participating and/or purchase for others.


Do you ship Internationally?

Yes, there will be an upcharge according to the destination. The Data Manager will reach out to you and you will have to pay an extra fee by credit card before your swag is shipped out. However, we have shipped to family and friends in the USA and they have shipped it out to the international destination. 


Do you ship to a Military base? 

Yes!, Thank you for serving!


How does the Charity Partners get paid if I donated?

They are paid on a monthly basis directly from the Race Roster site! It’s wonderful for the Charity Partners to receive monthly donations from you, keep it going!



Unfortunately we cannot offer a refund for Virtual Races. 


Can we Sign Up as a group?

Your group is encouraged to create a team on Race Roster! 

To learn how to create or join a team, https://support.raceroster.com/hc/en-us/sections/203146366-Teams