BY: Dr. Mark Hsu, DC

Once you have had your fill of turkey, it’s now time to plan for gift-giving for holidays and those winter birthdays!

Model Wellness has teamed up with Hyperice to reduce the recovery time needed from your many activities and responsibilities. Not just the running athletes but also your hard-working moms, keyboard typers, reel and story watchers, students, and couch potatoes.

We PRICE MATCH from reliable sources and plan on getting a Hyperice product in every home! We do accept HSA and FSA cards for some of the products so call in if you want to get that verified or check their website.

Why Hyperice?


But really… they are constantly coming out with more innovative products or improving with more updates on current models.

We can assist you in your choice of Hyperice product to maximize performance, boost your recovery, and reduce your warm-up time.

If you visit our office, we apply the products during your treatment. When you are RECOMMENDED to do homework/exercise/self-care, we spend a good amount of time showing you how to use it/them effectively. You do not get to leave until you have grasped the concepts! OR… we will get on the phone to review how to use it if you have forgotten!

Our best seller is the Venom Go which is a patch that heats up and vibrates. You can put it just about anywhere within reason….Keywords “within reason” …haha!

Some other products from Hyperice that we carry in the clinic:

  • Venom Go replacement patches (3 pack)
  •  Hypervolt Go 2 – portable cordless massage gun
  •  Heated head attachment – 3 levels of heat up to 120oF
  •  Vyper Go – portable cordless vibrating roller
  •  Hyperice X knee – contrast hot/cold knee support
  •  Hyperice X shoulder – contrast hot/cold shoulder support
  •  Venom 2 Back – back support with vibration and heat
  •  Venom 2 Shoulder (L/R) – shoulder support with vibration and heat
  •  Hypersphere Go – vibrating orb for self massage
  •  Normatec boots – freshen up the legs with compressive air therapy (must order in clinic)


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