By: Jodi Jordan


1T Olive Oil

2 – 3 cloves garlic minced

1 small knob ginger peeled & minced

2T curry (more/less depending on your spice preference)

1T soy sauce

14oz can coconut milk

32oz vegetable broth

1/4c Tahini, Peanut butter, or other nut butter

8oz mushrooms

2 cups broccoli

10oz Ramen Noodles

Optional Garnishes

3 – 4 soft boiled eggs*






Heat olive oil in large pot on medium high heat until shimmering, add garlic & ginger and saute until fragrant 1 – 3 minutes.  Add the Curry and stir for 30 seconds to 1 minute, careful not to burn.  Whisk in the soy sauce, coconut milk, vegetable broth and tahini.  Bring to a boil, reduce to simmer for 10 minutes**.  Bring back to a boil, add the broccoli & mushrooms and cook for 2 – 3 minutes.  Add in ramen noodles and cook according to package directions.  Usually for 3 minutes.  Remove from heat and add garnishes. 

*Soft Boiled Egg Cooking Instructions

Bring enough water to cover your eggs to a boil.  Carefully add your eggs to the boiling water, preferably with a ladel or large spoon.  Cover.  Boil for 6 minutes.  Remove the eggs and place in an ice bath or under running water.  Peel and serve. 

  **  You can simmer the broth for as long as you need to, or turn off heat and let sit until you are ready to reheat and add vegetables.