10 Great Basic Exercises that are perfect for small places inside the home and out!

By: Bree Redwine

While gyms are closing to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, Social Distancing this doesn’t mean your workouts need to stop.

With the mornings and evenings getting lighter and warmer, you can take advantage and get your sweat on at home in your home or take it outside in your own space! The tried and true basic exercises below work on a different body part, so when completed together you should get a great all over body workout. We’ve all done them, now let’s bring them back in your daily routine!

  1. Jumping jack (3 minutes)
    Stand with feet together, then jump, separating legs and raising arms overhead. Land with feet hip-width apart, then jump feet back together and lower arms.
  2. Stair running (5 minutes)
    Run up a flight of stairs, pumping your arms, then walk down. Vary by taking two stairs at a time.
  3. Jumping rope (5 minutes)
    Do a basic boxer’s shuffle or two-footed jump. Stay on balls of feet, not jumping too high off ground, elbows by your sides.
  4. Squat jump (1 set of 12)
    Stand with feet hip-width apart. Bend knees and lower hips into a squat. Jump in air and straighten legs, lifting arms upward. Land softly, lowering arms.
  5. Split jump (2 sets of 12)
    Stand in a split stance, one foot a long stride in front of the other, then bend knees and jump, switching legs to land and pumping arms in opposition to legs. Alternate legs.
  6. Step-up (2 sets of 12)
    Step up on a curb, stair, or sturdy bench with one foot, then the other, then down one at a time; repeat.
  7. Alternating knee lift (2 sets of 12)
    Standing tall, bring one knee toward your chest without collapsing rib cage; twist opposite elbow toward knee. Alternate sides.
  8. Hamstring curl (2 sets of 12)
    Standing tall, step sideways with right foot, then bring left heel toward buttocks; pull elbows into sides. Alternate sides.
  9. Jog in place (5 minutes)
    Jog in place, lifting knees up; swing arms naturally in opposition. Land softly, ball of foot to heel.
  10. Side-to-side leap (2 sets of 12)
    Place any long, thin object (such as a broom) on floor. Leap sideways over object, landing with feet together.