By: Tanna Wood


So, what constitutes a badass in today’s environment? 


That can be a loaded question, but here is what it means to us at Run Project.


It really is about the journey from day to day. The journey to step out of your comfort zone and do something that is challenging, uncomfortable, inspiring, and maybe something you may have never done before. 


Being a badass gives a sense of control, freedom, strength, community and, ultimately, joy to yourself and those around you. You can be proud that you have dominated your goals. Walk around with a little more pep in your step, and continue your journey to the next challenge. 


We believe that everyone is a Badass, if only they believed it. 


We look at how we challenge ourselves  at Run Project each day- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We know that we need our community to provide us with support, give us direction and challenge us to move past day to day obstacles. 

We know we cannot be the only ones that feel this way.


And so, we CHALLENGE YOU TO DOMINATE YOUR GOALS like you have never done before.

We have provided you with a PR challenge, a Time Challenge and a Distance Challenge. 

We will support you along the way with training plans, FB Groups, Q & A video’s, playlists, digital badass badges, swag, awards and big badass shoutouts!


We created the Badass Virtual Challenges for YOU, and us of course (we will be doing a challenge with you each month).


Here is how it works:

There are 4 months of virtual challenges:


PR challenges- want to run faster than you ever have before?

Time Challenges- want to be on the road, treadmill or trail for the longest length of time ever?

Distance challenges- Want to run or ride further? Or combine the two?

Pick one and GO FOR IT!


Train for it

Do it

Record it

Log it

Post it

Brag about it


We are all quarantined at the moment.  Get a taste of a new city, virtually. The swag is amazing; and it is different for each city. 


The Badass Limited Edition Series medal is something else.


We love these cities and hope you will choose to sign up to do one, or all of our virtual challenges. 


You are a Badass. Own it!