We team up with athletes, yogis, coaches, teachers, and creators who use their passion for running to change our community. We will spotlight each Ambassador in the next upcoming weeks to discover who they are and how they motivate and inspire us in everything we do. Meet the doers and risk-takers who sweat, compete and create at the highest level.

RP Ambassador Bios:

Lillian – @circus.runner
In my youth I witnessed my dad run countless marathons and halves. Post-college, picked up running to have a social outlet, and haven’t looked back since. Whether it’s running with my dog, Mocha or running with friends, running has grown over the last couple of years to be a joy filled outlet. Run Project races have been fundamental by always giving me something to look forward to in the race year, and their community in DFW it fosters is like no other.

Susan – @susan.leann.johnson
I have always enjoyed fitness activities, especially when outdoors. I love the preparation and anticipation of an upcoming race. The running community is what keeps me hooked, lots of inspiring people stepping out of their comfort zones!

Carolyn – @carolynmacduff
I started running in 2016 to fight my Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Depression. I’ve now run 18 half marathons and 4 full marathons. Running has been amazing for my mind, body, and soul.

Hunter – @run.hunter
I picked up running at the end of college and found a space to grow and challenging myself in it. Running became my outlet to reach others, build relationships, and to find out what I am capable of. It has become a part of who I am, a non-negotiable, and I take the lessons I have learned from those miles into everything that I do. I am always looking for the next opportunity to grow as an athlete.

Tiffany – @wolf.pack.mama
I began distance running in the 6th grade when my coach refused to put me in the 1 mile. After convincing my coach I would win, I finally got the spot for the 1 mile and won. I have been running long distance since then! I ran my first half marathon at the age of 16. At 30, I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer and it took a bigger toll on my body than most patients. My running suffered and I was very unmotivated for a couple of years, but I am very slowly getting back to the faster shape I was once in. Last year, I ran my first marathon to prove to myself the cancer didnt completely destroy me, then I ran another one! I am an avid runner, and family life revolves around running. Often times I will push a buggy and/or run with my kids. I found the “running community” in 2020, and since then have had much more support with running than in any of my years prior!

Grace – @Lake Cities Run Walk Group

I can’t recall a time when I wasn’t excited about running. From my early days as a trainer 40 years ago to now with the Lake Cities Run Walk Group. It has always been my love language. I recall waiting anxiously each year for Run Project to open the series registration. I couldn’t wait to get those races on the calendar and fill up my year with goal after goal. Although racing has always been my passion, supporting others and introducing them to complete their first 5K, 10K or half adds so much more JOY to my long loved sport. Just when you think it can’t get any better, God shows you it can with the love of others.

Kyle – @runhiitwonder
I began running in 9th grade because of a cute girl. she quit, and my parents wouldnt let me. the rest is history. Ran in cross country and track in college. The glory days are behind me so now i embrace the love of running with an extra dash of crazy. Its not too difficult to spot me at a race as the guy in crop top, and jorts, but if you are gonna do something you might as well make it fun!! i love the running commmunity and to have the opportunity to spread the joy of running!

Carlos – @carlostherunner
I love Run Project cause as an ambassawhore they let me be myself, and people get to see that! so proud to be part of it!

Letty – @_Runs_Happy
I ran my first half marathon in January of 2015. I also moved from the Houston are to Fort Worth that summer. The first race I ran here was Cowtown and I joined a social, running group, and from there I joined all of the Social Running groups, lol. I am so glad I did because I knew no one in Fort Worth until I started running here. I love the Running Community!