The Ultimate Trainer: Group Exercise Tips from Orangetheory Fitness

The Ultimate Trainer The Kohler Effect is described by Encyclopedia Britannica as a “phenomenon that occurs when a person works harder as a member of a group than when working alone.” It speaks to the human desire to not be the weakest link. In the fitness industry, this translates to a rise in popularity among smaller, specialty studios who each offer their own brand of exercise. Why? The answer is simple. People are recognizing that they are more driven and energized when working in a group setting. At Orangetheory Fitness we not only recognize that, we celebrate it. Group training works for a reason.

At OTF studios, you will notice our staff knows most, if not all, members by name. This is not just because we take customer service seriously. It is also because we see our members so often! Exercising with a friend or in a group helps breed a commitment to good habits like exercise frequency and intensity. Basically, healthy habits and actions tend to rub off on people! There are even numbers to back it up. A study found that 95% of people who began a weight loss program in a group setting stuck to it, versus only 76% who completed it by working alone. Surrounding oneself with people of similar goals and healthy habits encourages more commitment to it.

While scientific and statistical evidence is impressive, there is a far simpler explanation for why people are gravitating towards working out in groups. It is more fun! Completing a big challenge with a friend or a team is rewarding! This allows individuals to associate exercise with companionship, enjoyment, and even a little laughter, rather than negative words like obligation or burden. At Orangetheory, we see it in the regulars who make it a point to work out next to each other every class to the high-fives and fist-bumps shared between members passing each other in the studio. If a coach cracks a joke, everyone gets to share in the laughter while pushing to the same finish line.

Whether you thrive on healthy competition, enjoy being around other fitness-focused people, or just like having a buddy around, there is no negative reason to seek group exercise. Fitness studios like Orangetheory help foster community, support, and accountability for its members, creating an exercise experience that people want to stick with. If you are looking for motivation and sustainability in your workout week, look no further than the next group exercise class.