Friends of Dallas Animal Services is the official, non-profit fundraising partner to Dallas Animal Services (DAS), one of the largest dog + cat intake shelters in the country. DAS is the only open intake shelter in Dallas, which means that they take in all pets in need, regardless of available kennel space or the medical condition of the pet.

Despite welcoming more than 24,000 pets through its doors each year, the DAS team works hard to ensure that all shelter animals receive compassionate care. They also work hard to increase life-saving through the Dallas90 community initiative, which has a vision of a sustainable 90% live release rate.
Friends of DAS was founded in 2019 by a small group of shelter volunteers who worked closely with DAS leadership to find a way to help bridge the gap between the city budget and the costs of the life-saving and innovative programming necessary to achieve the Dallas90 vision. We remain a volunteer-run organization and continue to work closely with DAS leadership to identify priority shelter needs.
The mission of Friends of DAS is to directly benefit DAS by supporting programs and services that ensure compassionate care of all shelter animals and find positive outcomes for all placeable pets.
Thanks to amazing community support, we have been able to say YES to 100% of requests for financial assistance and have provided over $1,000,000 in supplemental funding to DAS to help achieve the Dallas90 vision. Some highlights of how Friends of DAS donors support Dallas pets in need include:

  • Harnesses, leashes, and collars for the D90 Runner program, which is a group of volunteers who run shelter dogs each weekend.
  • Incubators and other equipment for the Kitten Nursery, which operates 24/7 during kitten season to care for orphaned kittens – including neonatal babies who must be bottle fed every few hours.
  • New elevated Kuranda beds for all shelter pets.
  • Equipment and supplies for the playgroup team, which gets dogs out of their kennels and into the play yards for daily social and physical stimulation.
  • New spay/neuter surgical tools for the DAS veterinary team.
  • Supply kits to help set both dog and kitten foster families up for success.
  • T-shirts and background checks for new DAS volunteers.
  • Treats and toys for shelter pets.

The shelter is always in need of volunteers, adopters, fosters, and donors who believe in the Dallas90 vision! We welcome you to join our community of compassion.