Best Fitness Apps (2018)

Whether you are a person who sets a resolution or not, we all may be thinking of a fresh start. With that, many are considering a new goal, challenge or habit that will kick off in the new year. Most experts will say that writing down a goal is the first step in success and then measurably tracking the goal or habit daily. Putting goals to pen and paper and using a calendar to track days a habit is successful is one way, but perhaps turning to a phone app is the way to go. These are a few free apps that get high marks for goal and habit tracking.



While primarily an app for tracking calories and macronutrients, Sparkpeople is a robust app that provides several tools for goal tracking centered around diet and exercise. It provides coaching tips that motivate the user to log food and do weigh-ins. One can also manage goals by inputting a weight loss or gain goal. The app will modify the calorie intake based on how much and how quickly the user wants/needs to lose or gain. If exercise is tracked, this will be incorporated into the calculations for required calories for the day.



Mostly used by runners and walkers, Runkeeper has a great goal setting area that leads the user step by step through the goal setting process. The app asks questions about how much the user wants to lose and by when and what level runner you are (beginner, intermediate and advanced). For a monthly fee, Runkeeper will build a customized plan. There is also a free plan that can be used as well. Other goal categories are Challenge Myself (distance challenges), Get

Fit, Learn to Run and Run a Race. Run a Race will help the user develop a training plan based on running fitness level, when the race is and how long it is. To say this app is robust is an understatement.



This app is very simple and is more of a habit tracker. It provides premade goals like “eat a good meal”, “limit caffeine”, and “meditate.” The user can also add a customized goal, so one can track anything. Tell the app how many days a week the habit should be done and when reminders should come the app to do or not do the habits. The app provides a calendar to track how many days in a row the habit was completed. This app is very simple and straightforward and is for all types of goal setting.


COACH.ME is based on the premise that one should share their goals to provide accountability. Basically, a goal or habit is selected from a long list and the user joins a group of others who are also tracking the same goal. Every day the goal or habit is completed, the user goes to the group and checks in. Users can also post a message to the forum to ask for support or comment. Many different types of goals can be tracked here from exercise to skills like practicing a musical instrument to meditating. The user can set the privacy level and how often reminders are sent.